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It is quite obvious the world has been drastically changed by technology in ways which our forefathers could have only imagined.

We do have better ways to communicate, to interact, to shop and to develop new things. Everything is moving into the digital world because it is easier, simpler and way faster.

The less obvious thing is that this whole unprecedented digital ecosystem sits on some very important technical discoveries, some of them way ahead of their time.

Every smartphone, every wearable device, every computer today works because of some small electronic components and the most important one is the…

Transparent electronic components (including memristors).

1 trillion new IoT devices will be produced by 2035, according to ARM.

What does that imply?

Firstly, they will need enough computing power to complete all the tasks assigned to them.

Secondly, they will generate whopping amounts of data that will need to be stored.

And, you cannot easily deploy cybersecurity software on IoT devices.

Needless to say, that generated data will be harvested and processed to train algorithms. Which involves even more power consumption, and serious upgrades in processing speed and storage. The challenge lies in the fact that current technology is reaching its physical limitations, so new…

Mihai Raneti

Founder@CyberSwarm, Inc.

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